Kind Words (from creators)

Interesting! This is actually quite helpful!

Scott Johnson (The Morning Stream)

You are incredible. I'm blown away.

Jack Conte (CEO, Patreon)

Holy batman! This is incredibly useful. Thank you!

Shannon Morse (TekThing)

Oh, wow - that's quite interesting.

Tracy Butler (Lackadaisy)

That's so very cool!

Dan Benjamin (5by5)

This is neat, thank you.

(Cognitive Dissonance)

I like the interface you put together!

Dave Kellett (DRIVE)

That's very cool, Tom! I do like it! Nicely done! :)

Alex Woolfson

That's pretty cool dude!

Fraser Agar (Video Games AWESOME!)

Wow, thanks a lot! That will be really useful to us.


Just saw your graphtreon page, looks really good and very useful! Nice!


Graphtreon is an awesome tool for any Patreon creator; it gives me data that should be part of the core Patreon interface in an easy to use, digestible format.

Mark Diaz Truman

This is really cool, and I see a lot of potential. I'm a big numbers guy, so I have this bookmarked.

Norman Caruso (Gaming Historian)
Graphtreon Supporter